The Spirit of Accusation – A Fourth Watch Post

The Spirit of Accusation – A Fourth Watch Post

In Jerusalem there were those who stood upon the walls of the city to
watch to see what was coming. They were the eyes and ears of the city
when there was darkness. There were segments with the 4th watch being three
hours before the dawn. Prophetically, those who took the 4th watch were preparers for the coming
dawn for the city.

In this day and age, the Lord is
asking prophets to prepare the body of Christ for the dawn of a new
season by being the eyes and ears of the bride.  The body of Christ
benefits from the gifting of the prophet/seer and we have a
responsibility to hear their words and take them into account in our
perceptions and decision making.

In my home church, and
ministry network, we are blessed with several mature prophets who hear
and see beyond the walls of our building and physical location. As an
Apostolic ministry we partner with them and provide a platform for the
voice of the Lord to go forth through them.

We will
periodically be posting words from contributing authors who are trusted
prophet/seers who have influence in and beyond our ministry. We will be
sub-titling these posts as “A 4th Watch Post” to identify them clearly and will include a mini-bio of the authoring prophet/seer at the base of the post.

Following is the third post contributed as A 4th Watch Post. May it bring you life more abundantly to see beyond the walls!

In Him,



“Do not blame others for your circumstances, either specifically or as a people group.”

I am impressed in my spirit that there is a spirit of accusation in our nation and in God’s people. Do not be deceived my friends.  We are not to be a part of this deceptive spirit which comes to us as righteous judgement but in truth is a deception with the temptation toward self- righteousness and pride. Our judgement has been shaded by our culture’s lies and victim-hood teaching. Do not blame others for your circumstances, either specifically or as a people group. Stop participating in the accuser’s spirit and ways. The work of the deceiver to kill, steal and destroy God’s work in our nation has been at work since our founding; teaching lies about our nation, our faith and God’s design for our lives and attitudes toward one another.  Let God shine His light of truth into your heart. He is your deliverer and hope. (THE ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN in Rev 12:7-12)”.
~ Wayne Newcomb

This 4th Watch Post was contributed by Wayne Newcomb, a prophet who
serves on the board of Directors for Deborah Ministries International,
our parent ministry. Wayne has held many official positions in the body
of Christ including Pastor, and Bible College Professor. To learn more
about him, or to visit his personal blog spot, click here.


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