A Banner for All the People – The Israel Gathering

A Banner for All the People – The Israel Gathering

In that day the Root of Jesse will stand as a banner for the peoples: the nations will rally to Him, and His resting place will be glorious. Is. 11:10 

As you read this America will be voting for their governmental leadership. However I will be worshiping the Lord in Jerusalem alongside brothers and sisters from every continent. I’m at a gathering of several thousand believers from over 30 nations to worship in Spirit and in Truth, to agree with the Lord’s prayer that the will of our Father in heaven becomes reality on earth. This gathering of a remnant of the church is a prophetic picture of where the church of the east meets the church of the west. It will be a place where the east honors the rich deposits of the west through centuries of evangelism and discipleship in the east. It will be a place where the west embraces and follows the move of the Holy Spirit flowing through and from the east. It will be a place where Ishmael and Isaac embrace their spiritual roots in Abraham to heal ancient wounds within the body of believers.

The church in China has arisen to become the global leader of the converging alignment between believers in nations. They now lead as the point of the arrow piercing the dark barriers of resistance in the church. This is not the ecumenical move of man we saw in the 1960’s. No, this is a move of the Spirit authored by the Father, made possible by the work of the Son, and manifest through agreement among His children. This is not a tour of Holy sites in Israel but a flow of the Holy Spirit from Mt. Zion.

It is not coincidental that the Lord has me in Jerusalem on November 8th, election day in America. I already voted. We will see what the people choose; the status quo or a new direction for America. The days following the election may see as much turmoil as those leading up to it. Pray into the coming days for our nation, specifically for the church in our nation.

Please pray and intercede for the leadership of this event. For as you know, much spiritual opposition exists to blunt or divert what God has planned. My role here is not leadership, but a partnership with what God is doing through others.

However Deborah will be addressing a key group of international leaders from many nations on Monday at an afternoon meeting beginning at 12:30pm. Pray for her! As you pray agree that the banner of the Root of Jesse will stand above all others and His presence will rest upon the people and His glory will be tangible. Worship sessions will begin 7pm Monday evening, 9:30am and 7pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9:30am on Friday. Jerusalem will be 9 hours ahead based upon Colorado time. Double check if you are on daylight savings time!! Join me and watch via livestream at the following link ….


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