2014 – A Year of Contrast

As we enter 2014 I have a sense of expectancy and anticipation for all
of those who follow the Way of Christ. 
We can expect challenges, roadblocks, attacks and attempts to deceive
us.  However it is our following Him,
being led by the Spirit, and being
attentive to the formation of the character of God as well as the charisma of
that brings victory in ALL
circumstances.  Whether this is in the
natural circumstances of living in a fallen world or in supernatural
circumstances manipulated by the enemy of our soul, we are triumphant!  As we follow, He always leads us in a triumphal procession (2 Cor. 2:14). This is a greatly
encouraging Word as we move into the new year.
On New Year’s
Eve our church engaged in an evening of worship and prayer to close out 2013
and enter into 2014.  During our time of
interaction with the Lord He revealed to us that 2014 would be a ‘year
of contrast’
.  There will be
contrast, clear distinction, between those who follow Him and those who do not.
This word implied a following that was active
not passive
. We often assume that ‘followers’ are all believers, but
clearly not all believers are followers. Many are passive, disengaged,
and semi-retired in their spiritual walk. They are passive in the body of
Christ, His church as well.  Therefore,
the Lord is saying a clarifying contrast
will become apparent in the coming year
I don’t know how far beyond our local fellowship this word may apply,
but our apostolic mantle would indicate a significant application beyond our
local church, Crossfire.
The Holy
Spirit also indicated that the year would include a ‘greater manifestation of His
 ‘Majesty’ is defined
as ‘exalted dignity, grandeur, royalty
and stateliness’. 
This term is
usually associated with kings and royalty. We are citizens of a kingdom without
end and without natural dimension. To experience a greater manifestation of His
majesty would be to live, walk and worship at levels we have yet to enter.  To experience His majesty would be to testify
to the evidence of His Word above the evidence of circumstances. I encourage
you to seek His majesty and embrace His royal role in your kingdom walk.
Finally, the
Holy Spirit brought forth a ‘vision of a white owl’ sitting upon
the landscape. A white owl in nature is the snowy owl that migrates south from
the Arctic to the northern prairies of America to spend the winter in snow
covered landscapes. They thrive amidst what appears to be barrenness.
The Holy Spirit indicated that the white owl sits, sees, and is seen in the
darkness. It is often isolated on the landscape yet symbolizes wisdom and
 I believe that a remnant within the church are like the
white owl, seemingly isolated in the culture; 
yet are seen as a light in the darkness, thriving amidst cultural
barrenness, and walking in the wisdom of God.

To actively,
passionately follow Jesus and walk in His kingdom in 2014 we will seem as
isolated individuals, churches and ministries because of our contrast with the
surrounding culture.  There will be joy, steadfastness, peace and
victory as we do as the owl…see into the darkness to look past the natural or
supernatural obstructions and proceed in wisdom and understanding.  


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