Gathering the Extreme Hearts

‘He who is not with me is against me, and he
who does not gather with me, scatters (
Luke 11:23).  

Jesus’ words etched an image of stark
contrast for those who had ears to hear. 
Jesus never played down or softened the distinction between His kingdom
and that of the world. He never nuanced His words to make everyone ‘feel good’.
He used extreme language to draw extreme contrasts to illicit clear choices
for, or against, Him and His kingdom. Jesus
was and is extreme
Note that Jesus said if we are not gathering we are scattering.
There is no middle ground. If we are not gathering on behalf of His kingdom…..a
kingdom of the heart ruled by Jesus, a kingdom where his principles and His
word manifest in our ministry; a kingdom where the Truth of His Word and the
freedom of His Spirit bring forth a transformed people. If we are not doing
this, then we are scattering…..we are opposing him…..we are working against
Jesus words in Luke 11:23 offer leaders a ministry model to cast the clarion call to gather for His kingdom.  It is time to gather the remnant who will
hear; a remnant who will desire sending capacity before seating capacity.  Leaders of churches and ministries are being
drawn toward a line in the sand. We must speak the Truth of Jesus’ word and exhibit
the power of His grace. God is summoning us to gather a passionate, purposeful,
and powerful people to advance His kingdom.
So who is this that is ‘gathering’?  We know there were only a handful gathered at
the cross. There were only 120 gathered in the upper room. There were only 12
to whom he initially entrusted the great commission. He speaks of gathering
those who will hear and live by the Spirit and the Truth. He speaks of
gathering the extreme few who
will do and will go on behalf of the Kingdom
Leaders may soften the message of Jesus.  Some may nuance the Word and offer vanilla
flavored gospel to gather more people to meetings.  However, if it is not advancing the kingdom
of God it is scattering the remnant; ‘everyone whose heart God has moved’ (Ezra
1:5).  A softened message and a nuanced
gospel is a gospel without power.  Such
works will scatter the passionate, purposeful remnant who are saying in
their hearts, ‘here am I send me!’. 
As time moves forward and the return of Jesus draws nearer,
I sense a heightened intensity to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. Leaders
of governments, businesses, and ministries will be forced to choose to gather
or scatter regarding Jesus and His kingdom. 
Leaders, let us gather the remnant hearts in these days. Let
us cry forth the clarion call of the Word and the Spirit that will gather them
to do His will on earth as it is done in heaven.


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