The Leadership Vacuum

It has been
said that America has a leadership
What that really means is not that there are not leaders, but that
the leaders in power often lack the personal integrity and character to lead in
a righteous way.  This nation has subtly
submitted to a progressive cultural transformation that eschews character rather than
esteems character
.  The result is
that we, the people who choose people for leadership, no longer value Godly
character and integrity. Integrity is ‘uprightness
of character, honesty, unimpaired soundness, an unbroken state.’
It speaks
of consistent living without guile, ambiguity, or deceit.
Men and
women of integrity and character are scattered throughout the nation, but when
they speak forth their values, they are often belittled because of those
values.  Many are marginalized in the
public view in favor of those who flow with the cultural currents.  The people then select men and women lacking
integrity, character, and Biblical values, thereby creating the leadership vacuum
A great man
of wisdom, Solomon, said that ‘righteousness
guards the man of integrity, but wickedness overthrows a sinner‘(
13:6).  Solomon spoke of this in personal
terms, but it may also be applicable to a nation. A man, or a nation, is
inherently guarded when he walks in integrity. I think of President Museveni of
Uganda who in October 2012 eloquently repented and renounced the corrupt and
sinful actions of his nation’s past and embraced the righteousness of God for
the nation’s future. Museveni’s declaration of a righteous heart toward God on
behalf of the nation becomes a guard for that nation. It is a declared public
standard that carries spiritual strength against forces of darkness in that
nation.  His words were pivotal
for Uganda. Uganda does not change instantly, but the cultural trajectory of
the nation can now change positively. Whereas righteousness guarded many
individual Ugandans of integrity, it can now begin to guard a nation of
integrity. The character of the nation can then be transformed.
I recently
read a quote on the wall of a business in my city. In part it said; ‘When looking at the characteristics on how
to build your personal life, first comes integrity…..without integrity, motivation is dangerous… 
I have known some highly motivated
and gifted people in business and ministry. 
In every case, those without strong character traits eventually
experienced great destruction in relationships and vocation.  Some recovered, embraced Godly character and
moved forward. Others languish in the debris of their choices. 
As believers
in Jesus, we have imputed righteousness through God’s grace on the inside of
us. That righteousness is available for us to employ in our life decisions. It
is available to transform our minds and hearts into the image of Christ-like
leadership; a kind of leadership that
fills the vacuum of Godly leadership
we so desire. Whether you lead people
in America or beyond our shores, embrace the righteousness of Christ in you,
embrace its character and integrity, and fill the vacuum of leadership around


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