Remnant, You Are Not Alone

Once more a remnant
of the house of Judah will take root below and bear fruit above. For out of
Jerusalem will come a remnant, and
out of Mount Zion a band of survivors. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will
accomplish this.
(2 Kings 19:30, 31)
The prophet Isaiah spoke these words of encouragement to King Hezekiah. Just as
Nehemiah was an apostolic forerunner leading a remnant to restore the nation,
so was Hezekiah.

 Nehemiah and Hezekiah give
the church today a picture of leading the remnant. There is a remnant within
the church that has deep roots in the Kingdom of God. There is a remnant that
is bearing fruit for the Kingdom. These are ‘a band of survivors’ that reflect
the strength of the Father, the love of the Savior, and the fruit of the Spirit
to advance the Kingdom of God. They are the remnant with the ‘good and noble heart’; a heart of rich
fertile spiritual soil. 
Their hearts
receive the Word of God, allow it to become deeply rooted, endure hardship and
bring forth great fruit (Mk. 4:20; Lk.8:15). The remnant is a deeply rooted
band of believers. 

 Perhaps it’s the teacher
in the public school system that quietly brings the Kingdom of God into the
classroom every day. It may be the business person who consistently gives generously
into Kingdom work. It could be the legislator who consistently stands alone to
reflect Christian values. Perhaps the remnant is seen in the parent who refuses
to allow the infusion of occult books and media into his or her child’s mind in
spite of peers who say ‘it’s harmless’.  
It may be the lone church standing for Truth while others are awash in
the sea political or cultural sensitivity. Those in remnant feel like they
don’t ‘fit’
in the culture. They feel like they and they alone are left
in world of chaos.  And….they don’t fit
within that world. However, they choose
to occupy it!
  They refuse to be
pureed into the slurry of blended beliefs. Through the Holy Spirit they are
knitted into the larger fabric of spiritual material that takes root below and
bears fruit above. 

Do you feel alone because of YOUR beliefs, Your stand,
Your endurance against the pressure of peers
?  You may be among the remnant. Be
encouraged! You are not alone! Stay rooted! When all else is done…..stand. The
zeal of the Lord is bearing fruit through YOU for His glory and goodness.


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