Sacrifice Unto Refreshing

I have been
ministering recently from the book of Nehemiah where the Holy Spirit reveals
several deep spiritual truths.  Nehemiah
was an apostolic forerunner….a governmental leader who set things in order
spiritually, organizationally, and relationally in Jerusalem. A kingdom
principle revealed in Nehemiah’s story is that he sacrificed his rights for a greater good.  He gave up the right to acquire land and eat
choice food allotted for governors. If you read Neh. 5:14-18 you will find that
Nehemiah made this sacrifice ‘because the
demands were heavy on the people’.
Even though he had such rights
as governor he did not exercise those rights.
sacrificed them.

To sacrifice is to give up, to slay, to make
holy; in this context one sacrifices for a greater good; figuratively one dies to self so fresh kingdom life
comes forth beyond self
. Leadership often includes sacrifice of your rights
so that a kingdom purpose is fulfilled.  This
kingdom principle is found throughout the Word of God. For example, Jesus said He
did not come to be served but to serve
and to give his life as a ransom for many.
(Mk. 10:45)

apostolic ministry differed dramatically from his governmental predecessors who
had consumed the best food, amassed land and placed additional burdens on the
people. Nehemiah sacrificed to bring forth a unique spiritual refreshing and
social stability for his nation. Following Nehemiah’s leadership there is no
historical account of God’s people going into exile and slavery for the 450
years leading up the birth of Christ! Nehemiah died to his ‘rights’, set things
in order in Jerusalem, and refreshing came to the people who occupied the land
for the next 450 years!!!! The sacrifice of one man led to new life for the
entire nation. 

Consider you
own ministry.  Do you desire refreshing
for your ministry; for the people? What will you sacrifice for the greater
good? What right will you give up so kingdom
life may spring up forth?  It is a
kingdom principle.  Sacrifice and watch refreshing come forth.   

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