A Grace Kind of Day

It’s Monday morning and you are on your way to work. Sunday found you encourage, excited, ready to take on the world as you heard a great message at church and had time with family. But Monday mornings have a way of testing the depth of our faith and relationship with God. Several times before midday today, your faith will be challenged. Your integrity as a Christian will be challenged. Are you up to it?

Well, the answer is “yes!” Of course you are! if you are born again, you have already been blessed with everything you need to face life today. You have everything you need to meet the challenges of the day. If you feel a little weak just thinking about today, well thank God for it, because in your weakness, Jesus will show Himself strong. The Bible says that God’s grace is sufficient for whatever you face. It’s a now kind of grace. It’s a today kind of grace. Let it flow through you and have a grace kind of day today.


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