What Is Your Sense of Security Based Upon?

What Is Your Sense of Security Based Upon?

Many Christians feel secure in their relationship with God only when they’re ‘doing good’. Their sense of security is in their behavior and circumstances. Their security is not really in Christ and what Jesus did for them. It’s in their performance. Working to perform for God is ‘dead works.’ Paul called it “falling from grace.” We’ve fallen when we base our security and relationship with God on outward signs rather than inward change.

The Apostle Paul’s greatest challenge was not in dealing with the overt sins in the church, it was getting religious people to lay aside legal standards of performance (the law) and walk in freedom, faith, and grace. There was always someone trying to get people to live under a performance standard to outwardly prove their righteousness.

Any believer is susceptible to performing for spiritual security. As soon as we focus on what we are doing for God rather than on what Jesus did for us we are susceptible to performing for God. Keep your eyes on what Jesus did for you and your sense of security will be satisfied.


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