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Sundays 10:15

Prayer 9:45

Once more a remnant of the kingdom of Judah will take root below and bear fruit above.” ~ 2 Kings 19:30

“Let the little children come unto me...

We believe that children must be introduced to a spiritual environment, preferably in their pre-school years. Crossfire desires to provide a safe environment for them to be established in a foundation built on grace and truth.  Children are taught at a young age that they were CREATED in the image of God and they, too, are a triune being.  The free gift of salvation is explained and offered to them in their preschool years.

Sin is neither ignored nor denied, but is explained to help children understand its impact, thus protecting them and their future well-being.  The concept of sin is not used for the purpose of control and manipulation, nor is it the focus of their education at Crossfire.

Children receive a balance of fun play activities and short Sunday school lessons by volunteers from our church family.  Children's church is informal and concentrated on whatever the particular needs of the children are at the present time. Children are allowed to ask questions freely and enjoy a safe place to share their fears, difficulties in school, or whatever may be troubling them.  Children's church here is similar to a home school environment.

Our children’s pastor, Peggy Nelson, has been ministering to children for over 23 years and expresses a wealth of creativity and understanding for all age groups.

Meet our children’s Pastor, Peggy Nelson.

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Peggy has been published in Kidz Matter online magazine.  Her take on the importance of children’s worship is inspiring other children’s ministers.  Read her article here.