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Passionately advancing the Kingdom of God, We boldly go where few may follow.

So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace. ~ Romans 11:5



Equipping the body to do the work of the Kingdom requires a well-rounded approach.  It requires more than a single service on a Sunday morning, particularly if you are called into the five fold ministry.  Several of our members choose to supplement their ministry training with mentoring. The Pastors at Crossfire have extensive experience in each area of the five fold ministry as well as in other areas of ministry such as administration and helps.  The mentoring program allows them to sow into those who are called into the ministry in any way, and allows them to sow into them in a very specific and tailored way.

The wisdom gained from years of actual ministry is highly valuable and it is important for seasoned ministers to pass this wisdom on to those who are coming into a season of ministry. Those who participate in the mentoring program attend regular meetings and are often times afforded the opportunity to minister in the church or overseas, as the Holy Spirit leads.  Those who participate in this program are regular attendees at Crossfire.

For more information, please contact Pastor Harvey at pastorharvey@cossfirechurch.us.