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So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace. ~ Romans 11:5

School of the Spirit consists of eight weeks of courses per semester.  It is usually offered in the Fall and the Spring. Once per week, a session is held in order to go deeper into a certain subject.  


We started School of the Spirit as an additional way to equip the body to do the work of the Kingdom.  Classes are offered so that certain subjects can be studied at a deeper level.  Sometimes we offer the same classes repeatedly if there is enough interest.  So, if a class you desire to take is already over, it may come up again!

Some of the classes are for sale in CD or DVD format along with the class syllabus.  Harvey and Deborah teach several of these classes during their two-week leadership training schools that they teach internationally.  Check out a few of the classes that are offered below.

Currently, there is no  class in session.  Check back soon to see what the next topic will be for School of the Spirit.


The Gospel of Grace and Peace

An in-depth look at grace as taught in the Bible.  The apostle Paul was teaching a radical theology that differed greatly from what the Jewish people had ever known before.  In reality, the truth of grace differs greatly from what is taught by many main stream  religions today.  Find out how grace dramatically changes our position with God.

There are plenty more titles available on our media table.  Please let us know if we can help you with a certain topic.

Other titles include, Victory through the Believer’s Authority, A Profound Mystery (a marriage teaching series), Seven Streams of the Spirit, Power and Prophecy, The Gospel Without Borders, Servant Leadership, The Apostolic Ministry, and many others…


Horizontal Grace

This teaching series brings the intangible grace of our vertical relationship with the Heavenly Father down to our tangible life on earth. These teachings will test your understanding of grace in the crucible of our horizontal, person to person relationships. Once you gain revelation and embrace the fullness of grace in relationship with God, you can transfer that power to the human dimension of your life.