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Passionately advancing the Kingdom of God, we boldly go where few may follow.

Sundays 10:15

Prayer 9:45

Once more a remnant of the kingdom of Judah will take root below and bear fruit above.” ~ 2 Kings 19:30
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“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” If you’re feeling a little like Dorothy in the The Wizard of Oz, you’re not alone.  Our culture has changed and continues to do so a rocket speed.  Check out this issue for insights on how to handle it.

Cultural Climate Change

FALL 2014

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Harvey encourages leadership with this poignant article.  Also, check out articles written by Kaycee Wilson and DJ Martin

Leadership Keys for Your Next Level


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Many of God’s remnant have not found their pasture; their place to be nourished, their place to use their gifts and grow in the Lord.  The Lord is promising reclamation of the remnant hearts! Read this encouraging issue by Harvey.

Reclaiming Treasures of the Remnant Heart


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God desires to see humility in His remnant.  In fact, operating in humility is key to our spiritual survival.  If we choose the path of pride, we open the door for the enemy’s attacks in our lives.  Check out this article for some insights into humility and pride.  

Humility in the Remnant


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It is imperative that the body of Christ unite to contend as one man as Paul exhorts in Philippians 1. There are many forces that would divide us.  Our culture and government continues to goad Christians into softening our standards.  In unity, we discover our strength to stand.

Contending As One Man

FALL 2015

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Timidity is a sneaky predator that seeks to rob the body of Christ of their identity and impact.  Don’t let timidity steal from you! Pull up the roots of fear and instead be rooted in your identity in Christ.  Become the person He designed you to be.

Taming Timidity


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The Warrior Builder


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The revelation of the end-time remnant of God has come to Harvey over the course of time.  At the Holy Spirit’s leading, he felt it was time to summarize the main elements for the sake of understanding the big picture.  Having trouble understanding the remnant? Read this issue!

Write the Vision: The Remnant


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Sometimes in the church we make a distinction between those who war and those who build, but we are supposed to be both warriors and builders.  Take a look at what it means to be a Warrior-Builder in this article for the remnant by Harvey Wittmier.

The Warrior Heart of the Remnant


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Did you know that one of the reasons that Jesus came is to make it possible for you to enjoy life?  However, we rarely stop and assess whether or not we are enjoying the journey.  It’s a worthwhile thing to do!

Are You Enjoying Your Life?

FALL 2017

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It takes work and even a fight to accomplish God assignments and take territory for the Kingdom.  To be a part of God’s remnant requires a tenacity and a willingness to fight for the territory God wills for you to take and to stand your ground on the land that you have taken.

The Power of Our Voice Over the Voice of the Crisis


We have entered a season of Crossing Over into the Promised Land.  Their are several levels where this can be applied; personally, corporately for the body of Christ, and nationally.  Read here to discover how to align with your season of Crossing Over.

Crossing Over

FALL 2019

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Prophetically 2020 has been labeled “The Era of the Mouth”.  It is crucial in these times that we release words that will rise above the current pandemic crisis.  Read this special issue from Harvey to receive wisdom during these trying times.

The Sheep and the Goats


A compelling issue with a crucial article from Harvey regarding the current prophetic season for America.  Jehu was a king in the old testament, crowned to bring justice to a nation that had gone astray.  Read this issue to gain insights into our present day cultural climate.

The Justice of Jehu for America

FALL 2018

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It’s been prophesied that we have entered a season - a dividing time of the sheep and goat nations.  What does that mean for the nations?

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