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Passionately advancing the Kingdom of God, we boldly go where few may follow.

Sundays 10:15

Prayer 9:45

Once more a remnant of the kingdom of Judah will take root below and bear fruit above.” ~ 2 Kings 19:30

Women of Destiny

We are blessed to have a fantastic group of women, a group that spans several different generations.  What do we have in common? Our love for the Lord!  On this important piece of common ground, we have built poignant, life-long relationships.

Women’s ministry focuses on raising women into the fullness of their God-ordained purpose.  We seek direction from the Holy Spirit each year to determine the emphasis of ministry to women. For example, 2013 was designated “Training to Reign".  Each monthly meeting provided a unique experience that helped women prepare to stand strong in present day culture. We had several assignments that stretched our faith and our spiritual muscles to cause us to grow in the area of ‘reigning’.

The focus of 2014 was on "Taking the Next Step".  The Holy Spirit has led us with messages designed and personally written for the women who attend our meetings.  One does not have to be a regular attender of Crossfire to come and glean what the Holy Spirit is saying.  Our desire is that women would come and develop richer, stronger relationships with each other and with God.  Our women's meetings have a family other and with God. Our women's meetings have a family atmosphere, often in the hospitality of a home. We also offer a venue where the mature women of our church have opportunity to share and mentor the younger women.

We believe that we are to equip women to do the good works of the ministry just as we are to equip men.  In God’s eyes, there is neither male nor female, so we encourage and celebrate women in ministry! If you are interested in the Biblical views regarding women in ministry, read this position paper written by Pastor Harvey.

Meet our Pastor, Peggy Nelson.  Click here to read her bio.